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I am a French music composer based in Australia. I grew a deep appreciation for visual arts and storytelling, and developed a passion of telling stories through music and sound. 

Originally an electronic music composer, I expanded my skills with orchestral music, creating a blend between both worlds, with an emphasis on sound design.

I am passionate to score in various genres for different reasons, let it be to create an immersive and realistic soundscape, enhance the quality of the picture, or support and guide the audience's emotional response. 


I am currently based in Brisbane, but have worked with clients worldwide. I believe that communication is key to ensure the most detailed deliverables possible. Therefore I thrive to work professionally and be reliable and easy to contact at all times. I feed on my passion for music, film and art to bring my best in every project I'm engaged with. I am excited to take on a new challenge and nurture my growth as an artist.

Thank you for your time and I hope that you will enjoy my website,

Romain Quessaud.